Meet the locals - Ripponlea Food and Wine


After a successful launch of our Meet the Locals dinner series, we're ready for round two! Things are heating up with our Spring Fling dinner at Ripponlea Food & Wine on Wednesday 14 September 2016.  

We love to know all the saucy foodie secrets about our Meet the Locals hosts, so we sat down with Ripponlea Food & Wine manager Mei and head chef Rob to find out what they're all about.  


What's your foodie confession?

Cheese!! It doesn't quite sit well with me but I love it so much I can't stay away from it!

What's your favourite:

Food: My dads char kuey teow. I just can't cook it the same way!
Drink: All sorts! Haha! It really just depends what I am in the mood for but a glass of wine never goes astray, or a tequila on the rocks or even a rum or whisky to end the evening. I'm not an alcoholic, I promise!
Cuisine: Japanese fusion, clean flavours.
Eatery/Bar: Mr Miyagis. It's local to where I live with great atmosphere, music, food and service. Bar is definitely Lady Nelson's just at the Windsor end of Chapel. They have over 40 bottles of wine open by the glass and the owners are so down to earth it's just like having a drink with a friend.

Rob head chef at Ripponlea Food & Wine


What's your foodie confession?

Let's Meet At: We're still in the dark about this... but we'll get it out of Rob!

What's your favourite:

Food: Rich, hearty ragout with mashed potatoes. The kind that warms me right up inside and makes me think of family meals when I was younger​.
Drink: Spiced Rum. Neat, in a long refreshing cocktail or with ginger beer. Can't go wrong really!
Cuisine: Classic Italian/ Eastern European. Complete, fulfilling meals, made in one pot and loaded with potatoes, veggies and tender meat.
Eatery/Bar: Drinks at Lily Blacks followed by dinner upstairs at the Waiters club. Both open late, both offering honest, homely service and an amazing product.

Anyone else feeling really hungry now? The good news is that Ripponlea Food & Wine serve up simple comfort food (with a twist), wine, cocktails and good times... what more do you need! 

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