Meet the locals - Union Dining


We've launched our Meet the Locals dinner series that brings together members and fellow food-lovers to share a meal at some of Melbourne's best neighbourhood restaurants.

We're kicking off the series with Richmond local Union Dining - the love child of seasoned restaurateurs, Nicky Riemer and Adam Cash (featured below). 

Our founder Loretta got to know Nicky and Adam a little better with a round of quick-fire foodie questions. Here are their mouthwatering answers:

The new platUnion dining nicky and adam


What's your foodie confession?

I can't say no to ice cream, no matter what the time of year, even in the depths of winter, I love ice cream. Freshly churned vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce is my absolute favourite.

What's your favourite:

Food: My mum's spaghetti bolognese
Drink: A well mixed Negroni - traditional style!
Cuisine: Italian
Eatery/Bar: Lupino on Little Collins street in the CBD. Marco Lori makes the best gnocchi in town! And you can eat at the bar so it covers all bases! And they mix a mean Negroni.

P.s. Adam's list may mention jelly snakes... killer pythons to be exact!


What's your foodie confession?

My sweet tooth is my biggest weakness - Any kind of jelly baby or snake or frog or wine gum will undo my "no sweets" resolve...

Yes, Nicky is correct... Allen's Killer Pythons are my all-time weakness!

What's your favourite:

Food: Shanghai Dumplings
Drink: The wines of Bourgogne (white or red!)
Cuisine: Alsatian
Eatery/Bar: Izakaya Den
(Of course, if you ask me the same questions next week it would be cloth bound cheddar, beer, Cantonese food and Cafe Di Stasio)

Loretta: I must admit, I share both Nicky and Adam's weaknesses - yep even the gummy lollies - snakes, babies, dinosaurs...the lot..I forgot the fruit creams, I love those! 

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