Relax with fine wine and food that makes you go 'yummm'

I am a big fan of wine bars, it's hard not to be when they embody the essence of good, simple food done well and interesting wines that take you out of your comfort zone. Embla does all of this and more.

Everything about Embla from its rustic interior to the friendly service makes it easy to sink down into your chair and take it all in. And this is all before a drop of wine or a bite of food hits the lips.

The team behind sister venue to The Town Mouse deliver once more on quality in every last bite. We started with the terrine, which like any good terrine makes you feel a little guilty but the guilt is soon overcome by a sigh like 'yummm'.

We moved onto the rainbow trout. Now at the time of my childhood, I didn't know how lucky I was to have a fly fisherman father who served up rainbow trout for dinner like it was the common sausages that other kids had. I know now how lucky I was, so when I saw it on the menu I knew it had to be on my plate. The trout was treated with absolute respect and couldn't have tasted better.

My fellow diner ordered the zucchini as a side which I though was a bit boring, until it came out! I had no idea what a ronde de nice zucchini was but I can tell you these are the best zucchinis I have ever tasted! I didn't ever think that a humble zucchini could almost take out the top dish in my dining experience... well it did... almost.

ronde de nice zucchini embla

I was dining with the ultimate meat-lover, a true Aussie bloke who loves his steak. There was no questions about it, I knew our main would be the black angus flank steak with tarragon sauce verte. MIND BLOWING MEAT! Yep! This was the top dish and together with the zucchini as a side, I had died and gone to foodie heaven!

As for the wine, we chose to go for wine by the glass so we could mix and match depending on what we were eating. I am also a big fan of getting recommendations from the staff, who were incredibly knowledgeable, unpretentious and friendly! I started with a tortonesi, which I could have easily had a bottle of. I don't remember what I had next but it was delicious – not helpful I know but you'll just have to go and try for yourself and get a recommendation based on what you like too.

Embla is an all-rounder, perfect for lunch with a new friend, a great spot to catch up with a group of close friends and a wonderful date spot. I can't wait to go back.

Monday-Wednesday from midday until midnight
Thursday-Friday from midday until 1am
Saturday from 3pm until late
Kitchen open all day (so is the bar)