Dribbles Burgers

Burger, beer and basketball lovers of Essendon rejoice for Dribbles has these key ingredients slam dunked. Introducing one of the newest burger places in town, the triple threat of Mount Alexander Road has all your NBA Finals action ready to go with a side of loaded fries, beer on tap and basketball themed burgers.


Dribbles has a real local, family friendly feel about it. If I had a couple of ballers at home, I'd definitely take them here after a game to chow down and reminisce over that classic 3 point shot after the buzzer. A great spot for a tweens casual birthday gathering but equally as good for Dads who might want a couple of quiet ones with their Shaq Stack.


I had the honour of being invited to taste the menu at Dribbles with some of Melbourne's finest food bloggers and we could order ANYTHING we wanted. Luckily for Dribbles I like to keep myself nice so I showed some restraint and ordered exactly what I would have had I walked in and paid. I'm a sucker for hot and spicy, so The LeBron Burner was the natural choice for me. Despite there being over 40 bloggers alley-ooping orders whilst regular b'ball fans were simultaneously making a full court press on the front counter, the kitchen did a great job in turning out my burger in good time and with consistently Instagrammable presentation across all of the orders. My burger was just the right size and packed a punch of heat with the hot sauce and jalapenos. Just how I like it.

"pro tip - pack tissues if you order the LeBron Burner, your nose is going to dribble"

To go with my burger I got the regular fries with the dribbles sauce. Quality fries indeed, chunky, hot and fluffy; more like chips. My fellow foodies were somewhat more ambitious in their ordering of the fries with the fully loaded cheese and bacon variety going down a treat. The professional burger eaters loaded up their buns with extra patties and pieces of chicken to ensure they had the strength for all that court time. I didn't see anyone do it but you can honour your paleo passion or coeliac necessity with a lettuce wrap instead of a bun. Vegetarians have the option of a Landry's Field mushroom burger and red meat avoiders can go with the Birdman - crispy, fried chicken breast. Rounding out everyone's orders were milkshakes, the old traditional kind, not the ones stuffed with donuts.

So whether you like basketball, beer or burgers - Dribbles has something for everyone with ample communal seating indoors and curbside overlooking Mt Alexander Road. Price point for the Little Dribbler starts at $8.50 and ranges up to $13.50 for the Shaq Stack. If you're planning a party you might like to get your budding Jordan's some basketball themed shortbread cookies from Cookies by Julia. I took mine home to share with Le Baron and he was royally pleased.

Thanks to Taking a Bite, Cookies by Julia and Dribbles for your generous hospitality.


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