5 Mobile Photography Tips For Foodies

Taking photos of our food to share on Instagram has become a habit for many of us. If you're ready to step up your game and become an avid Instagram user, these mobile photography tips are for you! Your food will look as delicious on Instagram as it does (and tastes) in real life.

Instagram food photography

1. Good lighting is the key

If you have a very good light source, then half the battle is won. You should avoid lightbulbs as much as possible, especially those are positioned directly overhead. If you are eating in a poorly lit restaurant, move over to a side with windows to utilize as much natural light as possible. If you're not pleased with a photo due to under- or over-exposure, try turning it in black and white and see a miracle happen.

2. Neutral backgrounds work best

When taking a food photo, it's important that your photo stands out not its background. With that in mind, avoid choosing a background that's either too colourful or just plain messy. A neutral background, especially a black or grey one, adds some class and elegance in your photo; it also puts emphasis in the main subject - your food. Wooden tables are perfect, too!

3. Don't be embarrassed - get up, find a good angle, and shoot

Standing up over your table can be too embarrassing for some people. But, food photography is becoming more popular and acceptable, so it's okay to just stand up, find the perfect angle, and take a photo of your food any way necessary. If you catch someone raising a brow, just smile and show them your meticulously curated food photo. Ask them to follow you on Instagram.

4. Setup matters

The way you arrange and set up your food and table matters big time. This is called composition, and it's one of the most important aspects that makes a photograph visually pleasing. Make sure you think about how your food, plates, glasses and forks are arranged without forgetting about balance and emphasis. Allow your subject some space so the frame doesn't look overcrowded.

5. Tell a story

Food photography shouldn't just stop with just a plate of pasta and a tall wine glass. Use it to tell your stories and show people what you're doing at the moment. Additional objects and unique backgrounds make for a compelling story. If you're able to catch the attention of other people because of a food photo that seems to talk to and tell them stories, they're mostly likely to like it and follow you.

Over To You

Here are just five of the many helpful tips you can start following for a better-looking Instagram photos. Do you wish to add some more? Let us know.

About the Author
Kristoffer Canimo is a 26-year-old Content Manager who strictly cannot start his day without coffee. When he's not writing or finding new ways to earn money from home, he's out taking photos of buildings for his Instagram account.