Scam Warning

LMA provides this service so that people can connect with like-minded individuals. Unfortunately there are people who use websites like ours to take advantage of others.  This is often done through fake profiles. 

We do not independently verify or check the authenticity of Members’ Bios. Our verification process is limited to reviewing the information provided to us on face value.  It is a breach of our terms to provide false or misleading information in a Bio. 

It is important that you feel safe and secure while using our service at all times.  You can block Members from seeing your Bio and you can report any conduct that breaches our terms through the Member’s Bio.  We are also contactable via the HELP menu option.

We will communicate with you through your email address that you used to register with us.

We recommend that you be cautious of the following:

We also recommend that you undertake safety precautions when deciding to meet up with someone in person.  This can include giving a trusted friend information about the Member and where you will be meeting or having an arranged time to ‘check in’ about your safety and meeting in a public place.

Think someone is suspicious?

Do not hesitate to report suspicious behaviour to LMA.  If a breach of our terms occurs, we have the right to remove their account. 

Want more information?

You can access more information about dating scams and tips from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC):

The ACCC is the Australian Government Department responsible for regulating the consumer law.  This link is provided to assist consumers only and LMA does not hold out or represent that we are sponsored or endorsed by the ACCC.  This warning has been drafted by LMA and this content has not been approved by the ACCC.