Our Story

The Let's Meet At story started 6 years ago when our founder Loretta moved to Melbourne. Like many who land in Melbourne, she soon realised that the foodie culture is infectious and consuming.

That's exactly what happened to Loretta, she was consumed, fascinated and hooked! She became a self-confessed foodie and coffee replaced blood in her veins.

It was an exciting time but didn't come without its challenges. Loretta had left behind a close network of friends. She was in a city the size of her home country and didn't have anyone to share it with.

She looked online to meet new friends, went to a few group events but she felt a little shy to participate. She used dating sites in the hope of making new friends and at times, find love but they come with expectation and she was frustrated by the poor design and tricky navigation.

Loretta was left thinking, "There must be something else out there, some other way to make new friends online!" but there wasn't.

So she decided that it was time to create an online community where people could connect one-on-one over food (or a drink or two) while supporting local food venues. It would fill the hole in the market for foodies looking to make new friends, those with dating fatigue looking to connect over food without any expectations, new towners who wanted to build a social network, or those traveling who didn't want to dine alone.


"I am very excited to launch Let's Meet At - for me this is about gifting to others a community where people can connect one-to-one and the only expectation of meeting someone new is to share an awesome food (or drink) experience. It's for those who also found themselves looking people online and yelling "There must be something else!" Loretta McGill, Founder and Passionate Foodie